Beached marine mammals

Beached marine mammals

Postby lwoolley on Sun Jan 21, 2007 6:41 pm

Dear Lynn,
I beleive the massive beachings of marine mammals is due to all the underwater noise and electromagnetic energies emitted from submarines, USO"s, and other projects on the ocean floors. These creatures have developed highly sensitive receptors and the simple "ping" of a submarine is probably amplified a million times sounding more like a Chinese gong. To a dolphin or whale it probably sounds like a busy Vegas casino at high volume that NEVER ends. Not only that but there is also underwater communications and probably underwater versions of HAARP. Imagine listening to a busy CB radio channel at high volume and many radios at one time along with the hundreds of sonar ping-gongs, that would be enough to drive anyone insane. The beachings are a futile attempt to get away. When these animals jump out of the water for a second or two the noise stops for an instant. It might even be that they have begun to understand underwater radio transmissions and are terrified. Animals of all kinds are very sensitive to the intentions of unknown persons or objects. They can probably tell the difference between submarines from different countries and whether they are freind or foe. Going way out on a limb I suspect that there are one or more submarines with evil intent who's transmissions are recognized by marine mammals and they are so frightened they beach themselves trying to get away. If I were in command of anti-submarine warfare I would want to look for hostile submarines in areas where these massive beachings are taking place.
Patrick, Temple TX.
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