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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Forget House reforms – Congress likes the IRS just the way it is.

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 4/20/15


There’s one thing about the Internal Revenue Service that everyone should understand.

Logic Letter 3-20-13

With Rand Paul coming out for amnesty, the GOP is about to be split into factions.  I've always been a hard-liner on immigration because I have believed two things:  1:  Today's immigrants refuse to assimilate and 2: the Democrats are looking for a permanent majority.  Understand that the Dems care little about their country and what might happen to it so long as they retain power.  The REPUBLICANS meanwhile, are taking their cues from the Democrats. Talk radio (which the establishment hates) is going berserk.

OBAMA's trip to Israel is interesting.  I think he will tell Netanyahu to stuff it.  The election is over -- BN did NOT attack Iran, and now BHO holds all the cards.  I doubt that much will come from this meeting.   Obama is no friend to Israel -- and, as such, most Israelis distrust him.

TEXAS TERM LIMITS passes committee and may go to the voters as a constitutional amendment.   This brings up the age-old question:should the people retain the right to keep retiring people to office? Both Perry & Dewhurst oppose term limits.  But both of them are wealthy (Dewhurst has millions of dollars to sink into campaigns) and both are served by unlimited terms.  The people are largely engaged with Duck Dynasty.

Sorry, Bill-O, the actor who plays SATAN on "The Bible" doesn't look that much like BHO to me.  But all I've seen is the photo.   So maybe it was a slam at Obama- but I've heard that the producers of the show are Obama supporters. 

Driving in this morning I heard TSN do a story about a Texas A&M professor who says there is no global warming.  I did not catch his name, and there was no mention in the morning papers.

Logic Minute 3-20-13

Representative Naomi Gonzalez of El Paso drew cheers on the House floor when she admitted her mistake.

Logic Letter 3-19-13

Here's a new format for the daily SHOW PREP.  Let me know if you like it better.

Today, I'm concerned about the whole idea that the Republican Party is for the "rich" and against immigrants.  We are the party of "success."  We are the party of "opportunity."  We are doomed if we embrace amnesty (see the Logic Minute) -- but we must do something.  I have ideas.

This Cyrpus thing has me thinking.  We know that Obama has been eying our 401k's.  It pains him to see money not being spent.   I hope Cyprus' confiscating of bank accounts will not give him ideas. 

Thomas E. Perez will be the new Secretary of Labor.  Another nutcase from Obama's freak show.  This guy is a far left loon, but he will get through because Obama wins and never loses.

We're glad to have MIKE McDONALD and TRU PROTECT back with us for a new advertising flight.  We hope you'll buy Mike's product.

Logic Minute 3-19-13

The Republican Party leadership that failed to deliver what should have been an easy win in November has come up with a magical “fix.”

MONDAY 3-18-13 Show Prep


BeLogical says the Dems are in long-term trouble.  The Reps are in short-term trouble.   This is because liberal policies always fail in the long run.  (See Detroit.)  TEXANS KEY IN FIGHTCruz, Rove, Perry, Cornyn -- all players.

CRUZ on Biden's idea for women to get a shogun.  Cruz says that works well if you're being attacked by a flock of geese.

OLD SCHOOL:  BOEHNER agrees with OBAMA.  No immediate debt crisis.  (?!)  Says he can TRUST Obama.  [Somebody pinch me, please.]  NEITHER BOEHNER NOR PAUL RYAN SEEMS WILLING TO DEFUND OBAMACARE.  Note that CYPRUS is taxing the people's bank accounts -- of course. there's a run on banks and ATM's.

So what now?  We're already doing it.  The old GOP guard is being slowly but surely replaced by the new Tea Party types.

FEDERAL SEQUESTRATION IN TEXAS -- we'll have a users guide for you.

GLOBAL WARMING!~  The AP's resident idiot, Serth Borsenstein gets on page 1 by charging that global warming is affecting tornado patterns.  The DAILY MAIL runs a long story that global warming in simply a fraud.

SUPREME COURT to take up ARIZONA VOTING LAW.  That's the no-brainer that tries to make sure voters in America are Americans.

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