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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Admitted liberal turns logical in death of Arlington child

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 9/22/14


The Dallas Morning News columnist Jacquielynn Floyd -- liberal to the core – may be ready for a remedial program.

MONDAY 12-10-12 Show Prep

OBAMA and BOEHNER behind closed doors - CORKER says GOP has little choiceBUT THINK ABOUT IT:  Why NOT tax the rich?  If w did it MY WAY, we'd abolish the iRS and to to the FAIR TAX, thereby eliminating all this crap Washington puts us through.  But since we're not, why shouldn't the really rich be soaked?  Consider:

1.  When a big new industry comes to town, it usually gets tax abatement for a decade.  The CEO will get huge bonuses.  When you open your dry cleaning shop, you will get squat.

2.  The country has allowed mega mergers for years, creating cluster monopolies.  There are 4 cell phone companies.  7 major oil companies.   5 major banks that threaten our economy because they are too big to fair, 7 major TV media companies,  about 7 radio companies.  The heads of these companies get multimillion dollar annual bonuses. IF WE GIVE THEM THESE PERKS, WHY SHOULD THEY NOT PAY HIGHER TAXES?  Remember, these big merges are approved by Congress after Congress has been bribed by lobbyists.

3.  Big Education pays million dollar salaries to college presidents and chancellors.  Tax 'em.

4.  Corporate welfare to companies like Con Agra.  These companies get billions from taxpayers

I LOVE THE RICH BECAUSE THEY CREATE JOBS -- but face  it -- government gives them the ability to make their billions through programs described above.   So why not remove these perks, break up the big monopolies that are too big to fail, and then tax everyone equally?

FORMER WACO MAYOR LINDA ETHRIDGE has an op-ed in the Waco Tribune Herald, calling for more $$$$ for schools.  But she fails to explain where the money should come from.  Whom would she like to cut?  Or does she want to stick it to taxpayers?  Remember schools are suing for $8 billion more from us.  But the schools never say how they are going to educate our kids better.  More likely, they would squander the money on bilingual programs, which are at the heart of our schools' failure.

WHAT WAS THE TOP QUOTE OF 2012?   A professor who logs the major quotes says it came from Romney.  But BeLogical thinks OBAMA uttered a quote for the ages and it may NEVER be surpassed.  Professor Fred Shapiro of Yale Law School ranks the Obama quote only 3rd.

Heisman Trophy goes to Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M.  He earned it.  But so did Vince Young, and he did not get it.  Young was clear-cut, and yet, the voters were biased towards Southern Cal - then Young made them look stupid in the title game.  For Johnny Football's sake, let's all hope the Aggies can stay with the Sooners in the Cotton Bowl.  It will be a great match-up.  TOMMY TUBERVILLE leaving Texas tech?  For Cincinnati?  What, is he crazy?  Tech has an excellent program in a power conference. Cincinnati is a small program in a dying conference.

Logic Minute 12-10-12

Former Waco Mayor Linda Ethridge has it in for the Texas Legislature.  She writes, “They chose to balance the budget on the backs of Texas school children, and they failed to consider the bad consequences of their choice.”

FRIDAY 12/7/12 Show Prep


BOEHNER'S REQUEST:  Dump Pelosi and McConnell from the Fiscal Cliff talks.  SO NOW BOEHNER IS REPRESENTING CONSERVATIVE INTERESTS all by his lonesome.  Why do I not feel confident?

 JIM DeMINT leaves the Senate to run the HERITAGE FOUNDATION.  DeMint may well be able to further the conservative there -- and stop the liberal menace.  Who will replace him in the Senate?  Republican Gov. Nikki Haley will make the pick.

GUEST AT 9:30:  TOM PAUKEN -- "Is conservatism dead?"  The former Reagan Administration official will weigh in on his ideas for revitalizing our movement.   The book is "Bringing America Home."

TEXAS SCHOOLS AIN'T HAPPY.  They have sued taxpayers for more money.  Now, they're in a death struggle with Senator Dan Patrick who wants to open up school choice.   This fight over vouchers will be headed up by the big school lobbying organization "The Teas Association of School Administrators."

MICHIGAN (of all places) passes right-to-work law! Hundreds of union thugs protested and were pepper-sprayed.  SEATTLE:  About 100 tokers showed up at the Space Needle to get stoned and celebrate the legality of recreation cannabis. 

Logic Minute 12-7-12

I never thought America would last forever.

THURSDAY 12/6/12 Show Prep

McCONNELL:  BRING OBAMA'S PLAN TO A VOTE.  HARRY REID:  NO, THANKS!  Well, McConnell called the Fiscal Cliff bluff and Reid wouldn't schedule the bill.  Democrats do not want their fingerprints on the Obama mess.  KRAUTHAMMERObama wants a "Civil War" in the GOP House -- he is demanding total political surrender.   Ann Coulter:  GOP must blame the economy on Obama!  She's right.  This is the BHO economy.  He owns it.  But he is trying to blame his mess on the other party.  Can't let him do it. 

REDSTATE:  To keep the US House in GOP hands, Boehner has to go.  We only need 16 votes to toss himIN THE HOUSE, moderate Republicans are caving-- ready to accede to BHO demands for higher tax rates that will likely soon apply to all of us.  MAKE NO MISTAKE:  The economy for the next 4 years is going to stink.  Republicans must position Obama as the cause.  Because he IS the cause.

NBC's BOB COSTAS goes on the O'Reilly Factor to talk about his gun rant.  We've got the tape! SHOCK:  Liberal Dallas Morning News writer says the Kansas City murder-suicide was the fault of (not guns) the GUY WHO DID IT!  Wow!  A step forward for the lib-media.

WORDS OF THE YEAR:  Socialism & Capitalism.  The most looked-up words of 2012.  Then why is the electorate so dumb?  CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS to pay 52% taxes if all programs go through as panned.  Highest tax rate in the country.  How will that new business recruiting in the Golden State?   TEXAS should get ready for the influx of disgruntled Callies who will move here.  

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