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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Breaking into Mexico

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 7/22/14


One of the more entertaining moments from the Dinesh D’Souza movie “America – Imagine the World Without Her” was the interview down along the border.

WEDNESDAY 11/7/12 Show Prep


There is no way to sugar coat it.  Obama's margin was not incredibly large, but he destroyed Romney by using a low-road strategy that successfully convinced women that they would not get free contraceptives from Romney.

Here's how bad it is:  ALLEN WEST lost in Florida (redistricting), Scott Brown lost to Elizabeth warren (total whack job) in Massachusetts -- Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock both lost. George Allen and Tommy Thompson lost. Maine approved gay marriageWashington approved recreational weed.  Mia Love lost in Utah.

BRIGHT SPOTSTed Cruz in Texas.   And,uh...  Mike Pence wins in Indiana.

NOW ON TO THE BIG ISSUES:  Comprehensive immigration reform. Cap and Trade legislation.  CLIMATE CHANGE -- will will spend billions for nothing.  LET ME BE CLEAR:  I hope he fails and I will do everything in my power to make sure that he does.

CHANGES WE NEED:  Get rid of the GOP establishment.  Everyone charged with a leadership role here should reign from any post having to do with elections.   Reince Priebus must go.  TEA PARTYGet mad.  Get strong.  Get active.  Or get lost.  No more "next in line" nominees.

It was a bad day.  A very bad day.  We have to recognize ehat and look for ways to stop Obama from implementing his socialist agenda.  OBAMACARE is now a fact of life -- thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts.  

Logic Minute 11-7-12
It appears that we have reached a critical point.  The American people just reelected a failed president based on contraception, racial solidarity, and free stuff like Obamaphones. 
TUESDAY 11/6/12 Show Prep

TIME FOR THE BIG SHOW!  Too close to call!  Both camps wait and watch!  Who will get out the vote?

DICK MORRIS:  Romney landslid.  MICHAEL BARONE:  Romney 315, Obama 223.  MICHAEL GERSON: statistician says 86.3% chance of Obama victory.  ANN COULTER:  Romney can win without Ohio..."screw the polls..." CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER:  Romney has 3 paths to victory.

BELOGICAL:  Romney with a state to spare.  Remember our mantra:  The American people are not stupid enough to want our more years of what we've just suffered through. 

OBAMA/ROMNEY go on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL to answer inane questions from Chris Berman -- but avoid serious news shows.  

FORT HOOD:  Victims and relative sue the government over the massacre.

WEBSITE reveals emails from Texas House Speaker Joie Straus' office blasting conservatives.   TEXAS GASOLINE prices poised to drop below $3.

Logic Minute 11-6-12
This has been called the most important election of our lifetime.  But we always think that.  So is this REALLY that important an election?  It is.
MONDAY 11-5-12 Show Prep

NIDAL HASAN IS MAKING FOOLS OUT OF MILITARY PROSECUTORS and is making a mockery of our Justice System.  On this 3rd anniversary of the jihadist attack at Fort Hood, some are saying he will never be executed for the murders.  Meanwhile, under Obama, the surviving shooting victims are ignored.

GOP makes move in Pennsylvania -- big crowds in Democratic state to see ROMNEY -- ground game will be importantWALL STREET JOURNALObama not so much a politician as an ideologue.  Obama passed Heath care rather than fixing the economy because that is who he is.  WSJ says he will double down on progressive politics in a second term.

BIDEN indicates he will run for president in 2016.  Slate of contenders starting to take shape in both parties.

WISCONSIN:  The largest in-state parer to endorse -- WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL -- has flipped to Romney --just the latest in a series of newspapers that supported Obama 4 years ago.

FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE -- what happens when California is no longer American?   The Golden State is slipping closer to becoming a virtual Mexican state.

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