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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Gov. Perry is right. Gov. Nixon is wrong.

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 8/22/14


No sane person could watch the booking videos of Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg and not think Rick Perry was right to veto funding for the state’s “Public Integrity Unit” unless she resigned.

TUESDAY 11/27/12 Show Prep

SCHOOL FINANCE: At the Big trial, the Austin Superintendent testifies that there isn't enough money to meet standards.  Why?  She says because of changing demographics and the vast #'s of students that don't speak EnglishThis typical educrat is indicative of our problem.  FIRST, we have students that can't speak English because of of our refusal to enforce immigration laws.  SECOND, we refuse to teach them in English. 

LYNN'S COLUMN ON BILINGUAL EDUCATION IS IN TODAY'S DALLAS MORNING NEWS. In it lies the solution to our school funding problem.  Why can't we kill bilingual education once and for all?  The bilingual lobby and political correctness.

MSNBC (a network I have stopped watching) is still telling us why Romney lost.  According to HARDBALL's Chris Matthews, it's because Romney ran on "white men with property."   Meanwhile, Warren Buffett is urging new taxes for the rich.  WE ARE LIVING "ATLAS SHRUGGED."

Susan Rice meets today with Sen. McCain.  He will cave and Rice will get the SecState nomination and Obama wins.  Meanwhile, JEB BUSH is actively gearing up for a 2016 run.  MAYBE I AM WRONG!  MAYBE THE NEXT IN LINE WILL GET THE NOMINATION.The last thing I want to see is another Bush in the White House.  Every other damned president cannot be a Bush for the rest of our lives.  ENOUGH!

FISCAL CLIFF Obama flexes muscle and will get his way.  Socialist Bernie Sanders wants more wealth redistribution and is "nervous" about cuts.  Mitch McConnell addresses Senate, says real reform needed.  JAY CARNEY gives typical non-answers and says he doesn't ant to "spoil the fun."  Meanwhile, on Black Friday, the US TREASURY borrowed $211.69 per US household, plunging us deeper into debt.

Logic Minute 11-27-12

President Obama is likely to flex his political muscle and appoint U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.  He will be doing this – for one reason – because he can.

When School Districts Sue

by Lynn Woolley

November 22, 2012


If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results – what should we think about the lawsuit that Texas school districts are pursuing against their own taxpayers?   Our schools are failing – and all we hear is the classic and worn-out excuse that we’re not spending enough money.

MONDAY 11-26-12 Show Prep

WHAT NOW, REPUBLICANS?  The Daily Mail says politicians like Newt Gingrich and Bobby Jindal have turned on Mitt Romney after seeking positions in his cabinet!  CONGRESS: CHANGING FACE after moderates retire and Tea Party take setbackCHARLOTTE ALLEN of The Weekly Standard:  Sarah Palin is the new Ronald Reagan.  Get ready to support her for 2016.  If she runs, she will have to fight the moderate who are already lining up behind Jeb Bush.

MORSI grabs power - judiciary in Egypt dissents; teenager killed in massive protests against Morsi as "Arab Spring" becomes "Islamist Spring."  SEN. McCAIN now open to considering SUSAN RICE for SecState.  Face it, conservatives -- Obama will pay no price for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi.  Rice will likely get nominated and be approved.  OBAMA'S HUGE WIN HAS MADE HIM EVEN MORE ARROGANT.  But 

DALLAS MORNING NEWS"Six-figure-salary club" in DISD growing rapidly as Superintendent Mike Miles brings in large #'s of his "cabinet" and slings money at them like it grows on trees.  TIME TO REFORM SCHOOLS FROM THE GROUND UPShould we abolish the position of school superintendent?

Logic Minute 11-26-12

Schools are suing taxpayers for more money – but are they conscientious with the money they already have?  Look at the Dallas School District...

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