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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

America MUST vote out Democrats

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 8/29/14


It has become the difference between keeping our country, or seeing it go down the tubes.

Logic Minute 11-30-12

President Obama’s idea on the Fiscal Cliff is to tax now – and worry about spending cuts later.

THURSDAY 11/29/12 Show Prep

FISCAL CLIFF:  SHOULD WE BREAK UP THE NATION'S 5 MEGABANKS?  MICHIGAN:  State leaders contemplate whether to dissolve the City of Detroit.  Obama and Romney to meet today.

REGARDING THE BANKS:  They have lobbyists that are more powerful than Congress, so expect no action. REGARDING DETROIT: This is what happens when liberals and union run a state. 

SUSAN COLLINS of MAINE meets with Susan Rice -- still unsure - has questions.  OBAMA doubles down on support for Rice as Sec State.  Kerry waits in wings, hoping to get the nod.  If he does, would Scott Walker be his replacement?

LUBBOCK:  Stanley Marsh III -- please call the show and tell us it isn't true.  SMIII charged in child sex case.

DOHA:  Global Warming fans going buts over SANDY - want to spend trillions -- but there is a relatively inexpensive way to protect ourselves fro super-storms. The libs must be stopped because Global Warming amelioration IS NOT POSSIBLE -- BUT WILL DESTROY THE US ECONOMY.

Logic Minute 11-29-12

Harvey Rosenblum is doing more to save the economy than Barack Obama and the entire Congress put together.

WEDNESDAY 11/28/12 Show Prep

SAN ANTONIO:  15 year-old STUDENT SAYS  TRACKING DEVICE IS "MARK OF THE BEAST."   WACO:  No money.  No Christmas parade.


KYL, HUTCHISON, McCAIN put up alternative to DREAM ACT!  GOP seems to be in outright panic over Hispanic vote; 2010 midterms forgotten;conservative values being trashed.  Note that 2 of the senators are lame ducks.  What will they get in r4turn?  Nothing. "Our lord and savior" Obama is cocky right now and he will give nothing.  he sees the GOP crumbling.  *** WOMEN IN COMBAT?  Lawsuit seeks to put ladies on the the front lines.  ***  The HALF in "TWO AND A HALF MEN" says the show is garbage and we should not watch it.  OK.  I'm in.  *** Dallas policewoman raps when off duty - lyrics about shooting people who threaten her.

IMMIGRATION: Mexico's new president - same as Obama.  Is THRILLED that BHO wants "comprehensive immigration reform."  Says he will change Mexico's drug war -- but no specifics

DALLAS FED:  Crusading to break up 5 big banks -- members say "too big to fail" banks WILL fail and will drag the country into a deeper problem than we've already had.  The 5 are:  Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup,  and Morgan Stanley.They are right.  We also need to break up Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Communications and Big Education.  Among a few others.  IF WE WANT TO REMAIN FREE WE CANNOT LET SINGLE COMPANIES GROW AS LARGE AS NATIONS.  Simple fact.  Tell me where I'm wrong.

CLIMATE CHANGE is about to soak us.  The (LIBERAL) ASSOCIATED PRESS is doubling down on the issue.   Obama wants to control energy (as he does healthcare) and sell carbon credits to business.  Poor nations want to use global warming to seize our wealth.

SUSAN RICE:  Graham, Ayotte, McCain NOT HAPPY WITH HER ANSWERS.  But "Our Lord and Savior" Obama is arrogant and has made it known that she is is choice for the SecState.  Meanwhile, protests continue in Egypt against Morsi, the man who would be dictator.  DO WE REALLY WANT SUSAN RICE DEALING WITH THIS SITUATION?

Logic Minute 11-28-12

If you were Barack Obama and you wanted to transfer wealth from the United States to poor countries – how would you do it?  The easiest way would be to use legislation related to Global Warming.

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