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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

CVS Health steps up fight against tobacco

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 10/27/14


While shopping at Walgreens, I asked the checkout clerk if her employer is considering stopping tobacco sales as CVS has done.  She looked at me as if I were crazy.

WEDNESDAY 1/2/13 Show Prep

OBAMA WINS!  TAXES GO UP.  SPENDING GOES UP.  Obama declares full victory in speech following voteGOP cowers in his regal presenceWALL STREET JOURNAL: "A Beltway classic:  The biggest tax increase in 20 years in return for spending increases and all spun for political purposes as a tax cut for the middle class."

Now comes the DEBT CEILING fight -- followed by a sequestration fight in two months - and we still have no budget. BEN SHAPIRO says the Fiscal Cliff deal sets the stage for a big Republican win over the debt ceiling.  ERIC CANTOR might challenge Boehner for the speakership.

STATE OF TEXAS -- looking at an $8 billion surplus as the session beings.  SCHOOLS want the cash.  We should NOT give it to them until they reform.  RICK PERRY says the legislature will be the most conservative in history.

MARYLANDGays started marrying as soon as the new year started.  Culture war is being dominated by the libturds.  CNN New Year's broadcast:  Comedienne Kathy Griffin repeatedly kissed gay Anderson Cooper on the crotch.  Why did she thing he would enjoy that?  And why does CNN have her on its air?

HILLARY DIANE RODHAM CLINTON now on blood thinners.  We wish her a speedy recovery.   So she can testify.  Panel of Benghazi gives White House a pass.  We wont do that.  Obama lied in his speech before the United Nations long after he knew the facts.

Logic Minute 1-2-13

Here is what Obama was able to do.  By some reports the Fiscal Cliff agreement gave us one dollar in cuts for every forty-one dollars in additional spending.



A last minute deal on the Fiscal Cliff.   Individuals making $400,000 or regular couple or same-sex couple, or transgendered couples making more than $450 will see tax hikes.We were NEVER going to go off he Cliff.  These drama kings and queens made the issue last as long as they could.  BUT - taxes are going up for us all.  Obama's massive spending spree is not over.  Democrats are wrecking the country, Republicans are leti8ng them get away with it, and the Tea Party must come back to a position of power. 

MONDAY 12-31-12 Show Prep


HILLARY CLINTON hospitalized with blood clot stemming from concussion.  Maybe she really is sick, but with her past, and Benghazi in the news, it's hard to trust anything we hear.  A SENATE committee report is scathing, accusing the State Department of failing to adequately respond to mounting security risks in Benghazi.  On MEET THE PRESS, President Obama goes on Democrat-friendly NBC to say that the State Department was "sloppy."  The question arises:  How can Hillary Clinton possibly run for president after this debacle?

NEAR DEATHHugo Chavez condition worsens, called "delicate."  Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro addresses the nation saying he has spoken with Chavez, but giving few details.

FISCAL CLIFF PREDICTION:  REPS WILL CAVE.  DEMS WILL ACCEPT LAST MINUTE OFFER.  The trap is thus sprung.  Obama will crow that he saved the Middle Class from big tax hikes.  Even if we go over the cliff, Obama will come back and propose tax "cuts" for peoople making under $250,000 setting himself up as a tax hero.  The REPS are helpless against him and NBC, the White House network.  Obama is playin this "crisis" to the hilt and he's good at it.

GUN CONTROL:  OBAMA DEMANDS NEW LAW WITHIN A YEARMargaret Carlson (Bloomberg News) writes that ROMNEY should make it his mission to take on Wayne LaPierre and the NRA.  PIERS MORGAN says he may self-deport.  Meanwhile, White House petition to urge him to do so is over 100,000.


It's Christmas Eve and all is not well.

Here at the BeLogical, we worry that our more liberal Democratic Party and a very socialist-minded president are undermining our traditions and our way of life. Obama must be challenged in Congress and in all 50 states.  In 2013 TAKE A STAND. 

Stand up for:

Soldiers and American military might.

The US flag.

The right to life and the unborn child.

Family farmers rather than corporate factory farms.

Protection of the border and preservation of our culture and language.

Our right to educate our children as we see fit.

Traditional marriage.  And no adoption of innocent little children by gay couples, and especially males.

Biblical values -- even when no one is watching.

Our Second Amendment rights.

Churches that get involved in their own communities and stand for what's right.

Messages from the pulpit against socialism and tyranny.

A free press and local newspapers that actually cover local government.

The American family - mom, dad, and kids.  It is possible.

And end to the Washington spending binge.

The Constitution.

Happy new year!  Let's ALL take a stand. 

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