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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Left-wing teeth gnashing about Ted Cruz and Climate Change

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/30/15


So Ted Cruz is a climate change denier.  So what?

FRIDAY 3/8/13 Show Prep

WHAT WILL CONSERVATIVES DO WITH SENATORS McCAIN AND GRAHAM?  We need 'em on Benghazi - but on the Rand Paul/Ted Cruz situation -- they have exhibited a jealousy like nothing we've seen.  

US SENATE PANEL CASTS YEAR'S FIRST VOTES ON GUN CONTROL -- while Georgia backs RELAXING gun laws for mentally ill.

HENNINGER IN WALL STREET JOURNAL:  The South is no longer racist -- but lugnut liberals maintain that it MIGHT be racist again.  So we need the Voting Rights Act.

WAYNE SLATER in the Dallas Morning News takes a leftist poke at some GOP lawmakers for claiming to be "small government advocates" while using legislative power to halt the spread of liberalism.  For example, one lawmakers wants to keep PLANNED PARENTHOOD OUT OF SCHOOLS.  Another wants to overturn Austin's plastic bag ban.  Slater has a point about plastic bags.  It's a tremendously stupid idea since it often leads to the spread of disease (you gotta WASH those reusable bags in hot water) -- but Austin voters elected their dumb-as-rocks city council.  Keeping Planned Parenthood out of schools is nothing more than protecting children from a liberal advocacy group that would have taken money to abort every one of those children it now wants to instruct.

Bin Laden's brother-in-law will NOT go to GITMO but will have his day in court with all Constitutional protections.

JEB BUSH and CHRIS CHRISTIE -- forces for good or evil?  A question we have to face and soon.  Both men are likely to run for President.  Both are conservative -- and liberal.  If one of them starts to build support, movement conservatives have to make a tough decision.

Logic Minute 3-8-13

We may have just witnessed a passing of the torch in the US Senate.

THURSDAY 3/7/13 Show Prep

RAND PAUL FILIBUSTERS!  Both Texas US senators lendf support. Filibuster now over -- point made - John Brennan, the drone czar, will be head of CIA.

 AMAZING AUDIO from Sen. Ted Cruz questioning Attorney General Eric Holder,  Cruz CANNOT get Holder to say that it is unconstitutional to target US citizens with drones even if they are not posing an imminent threat.

Protecting innocent life:  Arkansas bans abortion after 12 weeks.  In TEXAS, Democrats (to whom life means squat) attempt to roll back protections for the unborn.

JEB BUSH preparing a run for president -- take heat from Dallas Morning News columnist Carl Leubsdorf for rolling back his prior stand on a "path to citizenship."

CHAVEZ's LAST WORDS: "Please don't let me die."  Died of a massive heart attack as the result of his cancer and treatment.


9:30:  DAVID HARSANYI - "Obama's Four Horsemen - the disasters unleashed by Obama's Reelection."

10:30:  Jim Cardle - Texas Insider 

STUDY:  Brady group says more gun laws mean fewer deaths.

Logic Minute 3-7-13

The American people have just witnessed a rare occurrence.  A member of the United States Senate has stood on principle.

WEDNESDAY 3/6/13 Show Prep

FALL OF THE ALAMO -- on this day in 1836.  "Victory or death!"  A great moment in the annals of freedom.

- a leader verify much like our own beloved Barack Obama in so many ways.

FALL OF ALAN COLMES Bill O'Reilly, red-faced, berates Comes on last night's FACTOR for Colmes' failure to name specific cuts suggested by the Preezie.

FOX News reporting on Benghazi -- no other network will do it -- that details are getting harder to come by with the passage of time.

DEMOCRATS IN SOUTH TEXAS attacking Sen. John Cornyn over a "tweet" that alleged that 300 Mexicans were crossing the border each night in a single location.

FUZZY MATH:  Obama "Common Core" standards resulting is silly and useless "math" problems for 3rd graders.

CAL THOMAS:  CHRIS CHRISTIE IS A CONSERVATIVE;  C-PAC WRONG; conservatives should not reject one of their own, but should go after liberalism and liberals.

RICH LOWRY (NEW YORK POST):  Why America can't build anymore.

CULTURE:  Singer Carly Rae Jeppsen cancels appearance at Boy Scouts Jamboree because she belives in "equality of all people."  In other words, she supports the the concept of men having sex inserting their...

WACO:  Valda Jean Combs, pastor of St. James United Methodist Church says taxpayers and catholic institutions should be forced to pay for contraceptives.  She never uses the word "abortion," but seems to support the idea of women cutting babies out of their wombs and throwing them in the trash.  She quotes the liberal Texas Freedom Network.  THIS TRIPE IS COMING FROM A PASTOR?  Perhaps this is why more and more people are not congregating.  When a PASTOR stands up for the extermination of the unborn, surely the end of civil society is at hand.

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