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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Occupy Hong Kong opposite of Occupy Wall Street

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 10/1/14


The massive protests going on in Hong Kong are in support of democracy and free markets.

Logic Minute 11-19-12

“Latinos voted for fairness” says a Dallas-based attorney, writing in the Dallas Morning News.  She’s talking about the massive Hispanic vote for President Obama – and disparaging Mitt Romney’s comments about certain voting blocs that may have responded to “gifts.”

FRIDAY 11/16/12 Show Prep

PETRAEUS UNDER OATH TODAY!  Almost certainly, he will spout Obama administration talking points about Benghazi.  This beloved general who has turned into a nightmare should be careful of perjury.  DEPUTY CIA DIRECTOR says SUSAN RICE gave best initial assessment of attack.  ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER defends Justice Department investigation of Petraeus.  They are all on the same page and they hold a lot of power.  Unlike NIxon, Obama could get off without a scratch. 

GUEST:  JIM CARDLE at 8:30 to discuss the State Legislature and David Dewhurst's latest proposal.

TEMPLE:  Giant Scott & White warns tobacco users:  WE WON'T HIRE YOU!  Random testing to start for tobacco use.  But what about fat people?  What about people who drink beer?  What about conservatives?  How far can it go?

MIDLAND4 dead, 17 injured as train hits parade float carrying wounded vets.   The train was sounding its horn prior to the collision.  The parade was supposed to end at "Hunt for Heroes" -- a banquet honoring the veterans.  [Note that there is a movement in downtown Temple to prevent trains form sounding their horns.]

GOP CAVES:  More Republican-governed states are warming to Obamacare.   The progressives have broken the will some some conservatives.  FOLKS, DO WE FIGHT OR DO WE ROLL OVER?  Do we wants to the America or Greece?  MICHAEL GERSON points out that Obama won in spite of  his attacks on the Catholic Church.  Catholics are unique in that they are pro-life but have a passion of social justice.  Obama lost Catholic votes, but even so, many Catholics stayed with him.

While we are in this big liberal wave of tax-borrow-and spend, Texas Lt Guv David Dewhurst wants to limit growth of spending in Texas. He will have to fight Straus and the libDems in the State Legislature.  And, of course, ISD's that are parading eery liberal consultant they can find before  judge to force you to pay higher taxes.  We take pride, by the way, in keeping you informed on this issue. THERE IS NO OTHER TALK SHOW TO COVER IT.

HOSTESS BAKERY decides today if idiot unions force them to shut down the company.  LOOKS LIKE HOSTESS IS DEAD!  Unions can celebrate.  They destroyed ALL the jobs.  Folks, it is time to deal with unions in this country.  They are a blight.

Logic Minute 11-16-12

Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst says he wants spending growth in Texas to come in LESS than inflation plus population growth.

THURSDAY 11/15/12 Show Prep

GRAHAM/McCAIN/AYOTTE call for Watergate-style committee to probe Benghazi. 

OBAMA says he will give full cooperation -- defends Susan Rice -- says she had nothing to do with Benghazi.  KRAUTHAMMER asked, "Then why the hell was she sent o out talk about it?"  Obama might appoint her SecState anyway -- some GOP senators will oppose...

OBAMA hides behind "ongoing investigation" -- won't comment on Benghazi.  KRAUTHAMMER says he may regret his statement in defense of Rice to leave her along and go after him.  THIS IS VERY MUCH LIKE WATERGATE.  Drip. Drip. Drip.  

DIRECTOR PETRAEUS testifies today -- behind closed doors.  BeLogical expects him to toe the administration line.  If he does, the testimony will leak out quickly.  RUSH IS RIGHT:  This president will never pay any price for malfeasance.  Obama not skillful, but very lucky.

HOSTESS TO IDIOT STRIKERS:  Go back to work, or we will shut down the company.   Deadline is 4 p.m. this afternoon.


NYT's Thomas Friedman writes column on how to solve Syrian crisis - does not blame Obama for a darn thing.  No mention of "Arab Spring."

CHRIS MATTHEWS (Sick Puppy):  Paul Ryan makes racist comments.   NOT WATCHING MSNBC anymore -- but still running clips.  We have to keep tabs of these jerks.  FORBES MAGAZINE:  "End of Karl Rove death grip signals return to Reagan."

TEXAS SCHOOLS:  ISD's still in court against rest rest of us -- this time demanding more $$$$ for smaller classes.  Yesterday it was demanding more $$$$ for bilingual education.   ARE YOU READY TO FIRE YOUR SUPER?  YOUR SCHOOL BOARD?

Logic Minute 11-15-12

Get ready for a world without Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and Wonder Bread.

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