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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Al Gore, Tobacco, & Climate Change

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 4/18/14


Al Gore, in a speech in Hawaii, calls “climate change deniers” immoral, unethical, and despicable.

WEDNESDAY 7/18/12 Show Prep

HOUR 1CASH CRUNCH AHEAD FOR STATES. BERNANKE SAYS CONGRESS MUST ACT-- NOW.   ESTABLISHMENT OR TEA PARTY?  Dewhurst vs Cruz in DallasARIZONA: "Show Papers" rule attacked.  PENN STATE:  NCAA "Death Penalty" not off tableGLOBE TROTTING HILLARY:  sets record for world travel.

HOUR 2Bernanke warns:  economy bad; getting worse.  Author RICHARD DUNCAN says civilization may nt survive if credit bubble bursts.  TAXMAGEDDON:  Solve it or the US is in deep trouble.  NYT DAVID BROOKSObama attacking capitalism to hide failed record SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO SAYS OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A FAKE.  In AUSTIN, BHO pins outsourcing on RomneyWill HOLDER SUE THE Boy Scouts for reaffirming ban on homosexual scoutmasters?

HOUR 3DEBATE:  DEWHURST tentative; CRUZ on the attack.  Leppert makes surprise appearance at WFAA studio to endorse Dewhurst.   RICK PERRY BLASTS OBAMA ON MEDICAID & PHOTO ID; says ROMNEY should release tax returns.   WHY OBAMACARE is bad for Texas.  BATMAN MOVIE:  "The Dark Knight Rises" in 2D ONLY as director says 3D is just a way to overcharge for movie tickets.

Logic Minute 7-18-12
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke went before the Senate Banking Committee – and said nothing to ease the minds of the Obama reelection team.
TUESDAY 7/17/12 Show Prep

HOUR 1: OBAMA:  Government made you what you are.  The Chief Executive rants to Virginia crowd about the wonder of Big Government.  US economy weaker as sales slumpROMNEY & OBAMA trade jabs over cronyism and outsourcing.  JAPAN:  1000's rally against nuclear power. US fires at boat, kills 1 in Persian Gulf.  HILLARY:  Iran will not get nuke weapons.

HOUR 2Carville vs HannityGOP is mad because a Harvard-educated community organizer is beating them up.  Is Romney standing up to Obama's thugs and fighting back?  TAX RETURNS -- release 'em -- the sooner the better.  Levin is simply wrong.  The longer he takes, the more he will get beat up.  If we find something bad, then nominate someone elseVEEP:  Why the selection is really important.

HOUR 3:   David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz in final big debate tonight on WFAA-TV in Dallas.  With Cruz pulling ahead, look for Dewhurst to sharpen attacks about the Chinese businessman.  PATERNO FAMILY IN DENIALZimmerman accused of -- doesn't matter.  Nothing but hearsay and should NOT have been reported.

Logic Minute 7-17-12
Mitt Romney has been throwing up some trial balloons regarding his upcoming choice for vice president.
MONDAY 7-16-12 Show Prep

HOUR 1OBAMA:  Bain attacks will continue; no apologies.  STATES wrestle with what to do about Obamacase -- not sure whether to implement, as President Romney will work to abolish.  DALLAS MORNING NEWS: State of Texas proved Holder's point about Photo ID.  HILLARY CLINTON mocked in Egypt - US not trusted.

HOUR 2OBAMA:  WASHINGTON IS AS BROKEN AS FOUR YEARS AGO!  Has he looked in the mirror?  If he did, he's see the problem.   BAIN TIMELINE: We have it, but does anybody care?  This is a non-issue.  The real issues is two-fold:  (1) Obama has nowhere else to turn for an issue and (2) Romney has no idea how to counter the attacks.  WES RIDDLE HITS ROGER WILLIAMS for claiming to oppose auto bailout.  CITIES:  Will more go bankrupt?  Will Texas cities go under?

HOUR 3:  100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth -- he was a communist -- is that OK?  He wrote some awesome songs.   MSNBC.COM renamed as NBC struggles with it's socialist little sister.  THE BEST/WORST MOST MISLEADING TV commercials of the preezie campaign so far -- we got 'em.

GUEST:  10:40 a.m.:  Reuben Navarette of the San Diego Union on "Fast & Furious." And lack of transparency in the Obama/Holder administration.


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