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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Parents should protest outrageous Kwanzaa presentations in schools

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 12/23/14


For the second time this week, a local newspaper has carried a story about elementary school students learning the meaning of Kwanzaa.

THURSDAY 1/3/13 Show Prep

BOEHNER gets heat from NY delegation -- Rep. Peter King and NJ Gov. Chris Christie over failure to schedule Sandy relief vote.  FLASHBACK, Bush was accused of ignoring New Orleans after Katrina because of the minority population.   STOCKS soar on Fiscal Cliff deal -- but 77% of Americans to see tax hikes.

Obama is in Hawaii.

President Autopen signs Cliff bill. Now on to the DEBT CEILING debate.  On MSNBC, Sen. Pat Toomey defends his "yes" vote for the FC deal and says GOP must be willing to shut down government over debt ceiling.  Also on MSNBC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz says any spending cuts associated with the debt ceiling must be accompanies by new taxes.

Al Gore's CURRENT TV sells to Al JazeeraGlenn Beck made an offer but was turned down.  Gore nets about $100,000,000 on the deal.

HILLARY DIANE RODHAM CLINTON released from hospital -- expected to make full recovery in time for next presidential campaign. 

Logic Minute 1-3-13

Despite what President Obama told us in his victory speech, the Fiscal Cliff deal means taxes go up for 77 percent of the American people.

WEDNESDAY 1/2/13 Show Prep

OBAMA WINS!  TAXES GO UP.  SPENDING GOES UP.  Obama declares full victory in speech following voteGOP cowers in his regal presenceWALL STREET JOURNAL: "A Beltway classic:  The biggest tax increase in 20 years in return for spending increases and all spun for political purposes as a tax cut for the middle class."

Now comes the DEBT CEILING fight -- followed by a sequestration fight in two months - and we still have no budget. BEN SHAPIRO says the Fiscal Cliff deal sets the stage for a big Republican win over the debt ceiling.  ERIC CANTOR might challenge Boehner for the speakership.

STATE OF TEXAS -- looking at an $8 billion surplus as the session beings.  SCHOOLS want the cash.  We should NOT give it to them until they reform.  RICK PERRY says the legislature will be the most conservative in history.

MARYLANDGays started marrying as soon as the new year started.  Culture war is being dominated by the libturds.  CNN New Year's broadcast:  Comedienne Kathy Griffin repeatedly kissed gay Anderson Cooper on the crotch.  Why did she thing he would enjoy that?  And why does CNN have her on its air?

HILLARY DIANE RODHAM CLINTON now on blood thinners.  We wish her a speedy recovery.   So she can testify.  Panel of Benghazi gives White House a pass.  We wont do that.  Obama lied in his speech before the United Nations long after he knew the facts.

Logic Minute 1-2-13

Here is what Obama was able to do.  By some reports the Fiscal Cliff agreement gave us one dollar in cuts for every forty-one dollars in additional spending.



A last minute deal on the Fiscal Cliff.   Individuals making $400,000 or regular couple or same-sex couple, or transgendered couples making more than $450 will see tax hikes.We were NEVER going to go off he Cliff.  These drama kings and queens made the issue last as long as they could.  BUT - taxes are going up for us all.  Obama's massive spending spree is not over.  Democrats are wrecking the country, Republicans are leti8ng them get away with it, and the Tea Party must come back to a position of power. 

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