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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

FED’s Janet Yellen wasting time & resources on diversity nonsense

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 11/3/14


Yellen has a lot on her plate.

THURSDAY 12/6/12 Show Prep

McCONNELL:  BRING OBAMA'S PLAN TO A VOTE.  HARRY REID:  NO, THANKS!  Well, McConnell called the Fiscal Cliff bluff and Reid wouldn't schedule the bill.  Democrats do not want their fingerprints on the Obama mess.  KRAUTHAMMERObama wants a "Civil War" in the GOP House -- he is demanding total political surrender.   Ann Coulter:  GOP must blame the economy on Obama!  She's right.  This is the BHO economy.  He owns it.  But he is trying to blame his mess on the other party.  Can't let him do it. 

REDSTATE:  To keep the US House in GOP hands, Boehner has to go.  We only need 16 votes to toss himIN THE HOUSE, moderate Republicans are caving-- ready to accede to BHO demands for higher tax rates that will likely soon apply to all of us.  MAKE NO MISTAKE:  The economy for the next 4 years is going to stink.  Republicans must position Obama as the cause.  Because he IS the cause.

NBC's BOB COSTAS goes on the O'Reilly Factor to talk about his gun rant.  We've got the tape! SHOCK:  Liberal Dallas Morning News writer says the Kansas City murder-suicide was the fault of (not guns) the GUY WHO DID IT!  Wow!  A step forward for the lib-media.

WORDS OF THE YEAR:  Socialism & Capitalism.  The most looked-up words of 2012.  Then why is the electorate so dumb?  CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS to pay 52% taxes if all programs go through as panned.  Highest tax rate in the country.  How will that new business recruiting in the Golden State?   TEXAS should get ready for the influx of disgruntled Callies who will move here.  

Logic Minute 12-6-12

Just as we are near the so-called Fiscal Cliff, so are we near the usual Republican cave on principles.

WEDNESDAY 12/5/12 Show Prep


SPEAKER BOEHNER MOVES TO REPLACE CONSERVATIVE COMMITTEE CHAIRS. Head of FREEDOM WORKS says Boehner is punishing true conservatives who apply their principles.  Meanwhile Dick Armey takes an $8 million payoff to EXIT Freedom Works.

IMMIGRATION:  George W. Bush pushes for "compassionate" reform that recognizes the contributions of immigrants.  Fine.  But Frosty Wooldridge  says we are headed to an unsustainable immigration policy that will leave our country in total poverty and devastation.  Who's right?

KRAUTHAMMERIt's easy to win elections when you give away candy paid for by money that you borrowed from the Chinese.  Meanwhile, heads are turning at the secrecy within the Obama administration.  BHO promised to be transparent but has become the worst president is history for secrecy.

CULTURE:  BOB COSTAS and the gun debate rages.   ANDERSON COOPER says he has a new dating photo to use as he trolls for men on the internet.  Honestly, I can't look at him.  I change the channel when he comes on.  I'd rather see Megyn KellyJUDGES split on gay therapy law. 

Dallas trustee moves to cut admin salaries at DISD by 25%, and make the staff earn the money back.  Superintendent Mike Miles is not supportive of the idea.

Logic Minute 12-5-12

This is not about pitting Americans against illegal immigrants.  It’s about reality.  Frosty Wooldridge writes that Obama will soon find a way to naturalize up to twenty million illegals.

TUESDAY 12/4/12 Show Prep

FISCAL CLIFF:  GOP makes offer.  BHO says no.  So we are nowhere and the cliff is coming.  BeLogical thinks Obama would like to see it happen, and blame it on the Republicans.  PAT BUCHANAN agrees with Newt - pass good bills in the House and send them to the Senate to die.  Then, let the Dems in the Senate explain.

SARAH PALIN to Hannity:  OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST.  Plain.  Simple.  True.

OBAMA:  ASSAD can murder with guns, not chemicals.  Apparently you're deader with chemicals.  'Nuff said.

JUDGE OUT FOR "DUEL OF WILLS" WITH HASAN.  Our politically correct Army is becoming a laughing stock over this case.  Dozens of people saw Hasan murder 13 adults and an unborn child.  They heard a dying mother scream "my baby, my baby."  But the trial slogs on for 3 years.  Let's all hope we don't lose our precious diversity. Install Sharia Law now and would make a lot of folks happy -- and be more diverse.

IRS:  159 pages of new rules to cover Obamacare.  Will it stop there?  Not likely.

Dallas Morning News' William McKenzie praises Joe Straus -- says if Straus is successful, the GOP will govern in Texas for a generation.  {Yes, but will it still BE the Republican Party, or some GOP-Democrat hybrid that McKenzie wants?)

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