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Logic Minute

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America MUST vote out Democrats

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 8/29/14


It has become the difference between keeping our country, or seeing it go down the tubes.

Logic Minute 11-6-12
This has been called the most important election of our lifetime.  But we always think that.  So is this REALLY that important an election?  It is.
MONDAY 11-5-12 Show Prep

NIDAL HASAN IS MAKING FOOLS OUT OF MILITARY PROSECUTORS and is making a mockery of our Justice System.  On this 3rd anniversary of the jihadist attack at Fort Hood, some are saying he will never be executed for the murders.  Meanwhile, under Obama, the surviving shooting victims are ignored.

GOP makes move in Pennsylvania -- big crowds in Democratic state to see ROMNEY -- ground game will be importantWALL STREET JOURNALObama not so much a politician as an ideologue.  Obama passed Heath care rather than fixing the economy because that is who he is.  WSJ says he will double down on progressive politics in a second term.

BIDEN indicates he will run for president in 2016.  Slate of contenders starting to take shape in both parties.

WISCONSIN:  The largest in-state parer to endorse -- WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL -- has flipped to Romney --just the latest in a series of newspapers that supported Obama 4 years ago.

FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE -- what happens when California is no longer American?   The Golden State is slipping closer to becoming a virtual Mexican state.

Logic Minute 11-5-12
It’s decision time – and what a decision.
FRIDAY 11/2/12 Show Prep


DUMPSTER DIVING IN NEW YORK:  People desperate for something to eat.  )Was it like this following Katrina?)  People in NY angry over gasoline shortages.

DALLAS ISD: Another school administrator let go -- but with HUGE going away present from the taxpayers.  When will it end?

DAVID BROOKS IN NYT: OBAMA 2nd term would be about small things because the sides will be too polarized to compromise.  ROMNEY, however, would flip-flip enough  to madden radio talk shows hosts , but would accomplish big things through working across the aisle

BENGHAZI:  Intel officials release CIA TIMELINE showing that the CIA responded quickly and did what they could.  According to this timeline, the BHO admin performed perfectly.   Meanwhile, Jake Tapper has written a column -- crediting FOX News with good reporting and saying this scandal is growing in media coverage.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY POLLING PLACE CONTROVERSY:  Voter shows up with t-shirt that says "Vote the Bible" -- told to cover it.   Apology demanded --  not provided -- so far.

CHRIS CHRISTIE's campaign gift to Obama:  MSNBC's Chris Matthews calls Rush Limbaugh a pig.   

"TAKE A STAND" -- when I perform this song in public, I'm always asked about it.   I sang "Take A Stand"at the French Quarter last night and was asked again where it came from.  According to my notes, I wrote it in February, 2011.  I wanted an anthem for the victims of liberalism -- the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the unborn child, the Bible, our fighting forces -- so I essentially wrote it for that purpose.  I can't sing it if liberals are in the room.

Logic Minute 11-2-12
DRIP. DRIP. DRIP.  A story here.  A story there.  That’s how Watergate unfolded. And that’s the title of a new Jake Tapper column about Benghazi. Jake Tapper -- as in ABC News – one of the mainstream shops that have been ignoring this emerging scandal.
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