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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Like Immigration, Climate Change & Gay Marriage, ISRAEL becomes a partisan issue

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/5/15


How did it happen? At what point in America did we all choose sides on the major issues with most of them becoming “liberal” or “conservative?”

Logic Minute 2-4-13

Peggy Noonan’s column about the soul-searching at the Republican National Committee meeting seems to reach a conclusion that you might expect from a bunch of losers.

MONDAY 2-1-13 Show Prep

EXCLUSIVEMUSLIM ACTIVIST AT STATE CAPITOL:  We will have a Muslim president of the United States.  We have the audio.

EXCLUSIVEThe Lynn Woolley Show pulls the cover off C-SCOPE -- the progressive virus that has infected 70% of Texas schools.  JOHN GRIFFING of World Net Daily joins us at 8:30 - with a look at the state hearings.  IF YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT C-SCOPE, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU WILL HEAR.

SHUTTLE COLUMBIA went down ten years ago.  Texans remember the astronauts. 

TED CRUZ IN CHARGE:  Dems complain that he is influencing JOHN CORNYN.  Cornyn no longer Texas' most conservative senator.  CRUZ beat up on CHUCK HAGEL over antisemitism.  This is the kind of scrutiny Hillary should halve faced Looks like Cornyn and Cruz are "no" votes on Hagel.

CULTURE:  49ers cornerback CHRIS CULLIVER forced to apologize for gay remark.  BOY SCOUTS under sureness from left and right on gay issue. KATHLEEN PARKER and DALLAS MORNING NEWS Both promote activist who wants to normalize gay marriage as a way to stabilize marriage in general.  HOMOSEXUALS SEEM TO BE RUNNING THE WORLD.

Logic Minute 2-1-13

It’s time for the media to recognize that President Obama’s economic policies are a disaster.

THURSDAY 1/31/13 Show Prep

MEDIA IS SHOCKED!  Obama's economy shrinks!  BUT HE SPENT TRILLIONS....  Oh well!  We can never get it back.  Keynes is dead.  Can we now bury him?  Of course, llibturds will now say that we simply did not spend enough.  Wait for Paul Krugman -- he'll say it.  What a moron.  OBAMA LIED ABOUT HEALTHCARE -- now issues rules that will deny help to millions.  We voted for him, why?

WAYNE LaPIERRE CALMLY EXPLAINS the 2nd Amendment to the learning-challenged Sen. Dick Durbin while Leahy screams for order.  Giffords speaks, Mark Kelly is there-- lots of emotion.  Not so many facts.

HOUSE GROUP CLOSE TO IMMIGRATION PROPOSAL!  But Marco Rubio is starting to lose conservative support.  ANN COULTER:  Rubio's plan is just like Obama's and is just like all the other plans we've seen come and go.  Howie Carr critiques RUSH LIMBAUGH interview with Rubio.

WE HAVE THE AUDIOLetterman pushes Gore about selling CURRENT TV to Al JaZeera.  Gore explains what a wonderful news operation it is.

RICK PERRY talks about taking money from RAINY DAY FUND for tax relief -- says GREG ABBOTT will NOT run against him.

LISTEN LIVE at STUDIO L -- see link above or at Texas Insider.  We close the curtain tonight on music at the French Quarter.  6 PM.   Be there and be hungry.  And be logical.

Logic Minute 1-31-13

President Obama wants to use amnesty to create a permanent Democratic Party majority – and Hispanic Americans seem to be very cooperative.

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