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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

How to keep AT&T and Time Warner honest! Record your call!

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 5/27/15


The big monopoly-like companies that sell us stuff like internet service and TV cable record all phone calls with us little people.

Logic Minute 3-14-13

At first glance, I think the Catholic Church did well in selecting Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as the new Pope.

WEDNESDAY 3/13/13 Show Prep

POPE WATCH & BOY SCOUTSIt's all about morals and ethics in the Obama Age.

The CATHOLIC CHURCH is about to make its biggest statement in decades.  WILL IT CHOOSE A TRADITIONAL POPE or one who Wilow tell Anderson Cooper: you're OK.

THE BOY SCOUTS are amoral right now That means "without morals."   No good, no bad -- just nothing.  Hanging.  Waiting.  The organization has sent out a questionable to its members asking about attitudes on homosexuality.  THE BOY SCOUTS WILL DETERMINE MORALITY & ETHICS BASED ON A SURVEY.  The world has truly gone to hell.  Here's your accordion.

RAND PAUL -- what did the filibuster really mean?  Why did so many disparate political communities support Paul? The answer lies in the deepness of Rand Paul's political convictions --and the overlap of paleo-conservatism with liberal/libertarian anti-war movements.

BUDGET DEADLOCKPAUL RYAN submits his budget which would defund Obamacare -- while DEMS submit budget busting budget that raises taxes again to fund all the Dems social idealsTED CRUZ proceeds with his bill to defund Obamacare in the Senate

BUSH DYNASTYJeb to run for Prez (possibly)while his sone George P. just filed papers for Texas Land Commissioner.  Now, if GPB is not gay and procreates, we could have Bushes in the White House for generations.  What could be better?  Jeb would be the third President Bush and GP the fourth, and by then, we could refer to him as "King George," and we'd be set for the next revolution.  

Sorry about that -- but I don't want no more damned Clintons either.

Logic Minute 3-13-13

Sometimes I think the networks go overboard on the Pope-watch thing.  All three network anchors are in Rome and we’re getting minute-by-minute reports on the color of the smoke.

TUESDAY 3/12/13 Show Prep

JANET NAPOLITANO HAS ENOUGH BULLETS TO SHOOT US ALL 5 TIMES.  WHY?  We'll explore the administration's purchase of 1.6 rounds of of ammo.

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION REACTS STERNLY to NKorea declaration that it has scrapped the 1953 armistice.  KARZAI -- stupid or just doing politics?  2 American soldiers die in insider attack.

WARREN BUFFET'S 2012 STOCK MARKET BUYS-- we'll tell you what they are.

LA TIMES columnist McManus goes after ROVE and OBAMA for manipulating the law to get tax exemptions for their political organizations.  Obama's political group is called "Organizing for Action" - and is purely political -- but tax exempt.  How does Obama get away with it?

HOMOSEXUALS rally at Texas state capitol.  El Paso Democrat Rep. Mary Gonzalez revealed to the crowd that she is a pan-sexual.  (?)  OK, that's someone who is attracted to people of different gender identities.God, please make it stop.

BLOOMBERG mad at court over sinking his "sweet drink" rule.  The judge said the rule has too many exceptions.  Labor unions and boatloads of other groups had sued.

Logic Minute 3-12-13

By far, the most often-asked question on my radio show is:  Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying one point six billion rounds of ammunition?

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