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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

University of Texas President Greg Fenves names Task Force in statue dispute

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 6/30/15


With the nation in a frenzy over removal of all vestiges of the Confederacy, I sent an email to President Fenves urging him to quash any attempt at historical cleansing.

Logic Minute 3-25-13

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 3/25/13


True conservatives are conflicted on the issue of gay marriage now before the Supreme Court.

Time to Leave the Bush Era Behind

By Lynn Woolley

March 24, 2013


Republicans digging deeper into the Party’s core problems have now reached beyond the trendy social issues of day and all the way back to the Iraq War.  Some are now saying it was the war, coupled with the 2008 financial meltdown that has the electorate off Republicans.  If so, that means the Party’s problems lie at the feet of George W. Bush.

Logic Letter 3-22-13

Greetings, Logic Lovers!

Friday is here and I'm still saddened by the passing of my friend Michael LeFan.  Patty Benoit has a wonderful piece in the Temple Daily Telegram about Mike.  I wish all of you -- all over the state -- could read it and see the photo of Mike writing.  He had only the use of a few toes on his left foot.  He used a pencil, between his toes, to type.  He wrote four books.  Mike LeFan was a small man with a giant intellect.  He was my hero.

A different atmosphere last night. Chandler/Woolley advertising works with Texas Partners Federal Credit Union, and we were totally involved in last night's 60th anniversary celebration.  Some time ago, I had retained my friend Rockin' Rick to be the entertainment for the night.   Rick is a great singer and lead guitarist, but more than that he an an entertainer.  I was honored when he asked me to do a number with him.  I was less honored when he told me I'd need a long lady's wig.  Anyway, I wore the wig and did the part of "Cher" on the song "I Got You Babe."  The crowd about about 400 enjoyed it and I was on key for almost 60 percent of the song.  I now have a slightly used Cher wig for sale.

Serve one term - then go home.  That comes from Thomas Sowell, one of America's great thinkers. Sowell says "term limits" would not help. In order to get rid of career politicians who have their own interests at heart, he says we should limit public officials to a single term -- and then not allow them to run for any other office for a long time.  Thomas, you are a man after my own heart.

Wes Riddle ran for Congress -- fought a good fight, but lost out to Roger Williams.  What was it like on the campaign trail?   We'll ask Wes at 10:30.  Wes' book is "The Nexus of Faith and Freedom."

Have a logical weekend!


Logic Minute 3-22-13

Syndicated columnists and TV talking heads have identified the key problem the Republican Party is facing.  It has too many conservatives.

Logic Letter 3-21-13
There is a big obit in the paper today.  Michael P. LeFan is gone at 67.  Mike is perhaps the most inspirational figure outside my own parents that I have ever known.  The son of a Church of Christ preacher, he contracted polio at an early age.  It mangled his body but not his spirit. Mike's hands were too twisted to type, so he learned to do things with his toes.  He could use scissors, a keyboard, anything you can do with your hands.  Up until his death, he wrote, designed and emailed a wonderfully prepared newsletter called "Footnotes."  And he wrote books. His most famous was entitled "Patience, My Foot."  Mike recently wrote an article about the difficulty in finding parts for his old, but trusty iron lung which he still used.  Mike came from a family rife with tragedy.  His sister, Loris, began school at Reagan Elementary with the Class of '68 of which I was a member.  We were both in Mabel Scott's first grade class.  She was my first crush -- but tragically died of cancer as a young adult.  Mike persevered through it all, including the loss of his mother.  Mike could seemingly accomplish anything.  He was a ham radio operator and a great aficionado of the Texas Horned Lizard about which he wrote often.  He once sent me a framed certificate he had made himself attesting to my "logic" on the radio -- and it has been on my wall ever since.  The world is a darker, sadder place without Mike LeFan.  God rest his soul.
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