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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Boehner & Menendez move on Iran – Obama now officially irrelevant

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 1/26/15


A Republican – Speaker John Boehner – and a Democrat – New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez – are done with President Obama on Iran policy.

Logic Minute 1-16-13

As President Obama unveils his so-called “common sense” plan to control guns and prevent future schools shootings, two pesky little facts are being ignored.


OBAMA preparing 19 executive orders on gun control.  TED CRUZ: Unconstitutional.  CONGRESSMAN STEVE STOCKMAN vows to submit articles of impeachment if Obama moves ahead.  OBAMA ON DEBT CEILING:  We are not a deadbeat nation.  Vows (again) not to negotiate with Republicans -- blames them (in advance) for not raising the debtMICHAEL GERSON (Wash Post): Obama threatens to sue inaugural address to blast Republicans over debt ceiling.

OBAMA is even getter than the Clintons at smearing his political enemies.  This is why he repeats stuff over and over -- the media parrots it -- the Republicans get blamed for it.  "What I have said is..." -- over and over.  Listen to all the repetitiveness in the news conference.  The media questions -- Chuck Todd of NBC is an example -- set him up well.  Obama is using Saul Alinsky tactics and the media is cooperating.

MILITARY SUICIDE TREND GETS WORSE.  2012 record suicides.  2013 on track to break record.   WE CANNOT KEEP FIGHTING WARS THAT WE DO NOT INTEND TO WIN.

MICHAEL SAVAGE comes out against flu shots.  He lists ingredients (inducing mercury) and says the government is not to be trusted.  On the other hand, I take the shot every year. Almost never get the flu - this year I was exposed before I took the shot, so I very well may get it.  I am 63 and healthy because I have taken vaccines.  LIFE EXPECTANCY IS WAY UP BECAUSE OF SOME OF THESE VACCINES.  We've essentially beaten smallpox and polio.  I don't have to trust government to see that dozens of people around the nation are dead from flu.  I'll take my chances with the vaccine.  Thank you very much.  Please wash your hands.

GUEST at 9:33:  JIM CARDLE -- TEXAS INSIDER.ORG.  Fight over Speaker rules, powers, $5 billion in extra cash that schools want, Texas Women's Health Program and the possibility of tax cuts. Will Congressman McCaul hold hearing about Algore and Al Jareerza?

SOMEONE ASKED THE QUESTION:  If Lance Armstrong apologizes on a network nobody watches, is it an apology?   Natalie Wood death now ruled "undetermined."  

Logic Minute 1-15-13

President Obama may be the best ever at what he does.  Unfortunately, what he does is set up the opposition party to take the political hit for things HE supported, but that we never should have passed.

MONDAY 1-14-13 Show Prep

CDC:  Get the flu shot NOW -- wash your hands often.  These are our best defenses.  People are dying from this -- the shot is statistically 61% effective.  Get the damn shot.  Now.

TSTC professor GARY JOHNSON decries "science deniers" in an op-ed in the Waco Tribune Herald.  In a totally nutty graph, he charges that scientists who deny climate change do so because of money.  Bwhahahahahahahahha  Professor, GRANT MONEY is what has many of those scientists confirming climate changeQuestion: do you support science, or homosexuality?

OBAMA TO PUSH FOR COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM, or, you might say, the destruction of the Republican Party. Obama sees immigration as an opportunity to consolidate Hispanic votes -- or may be he REALLY believes in his heart that Mexico should send us all its poverty stricken people so they can get free Obamacare.  Either way, it's going to cost us.   AUSTIN:  Reports say GOP members of the state Legislature are AVOIDING talk of immigration.  The liberals have scared the hell out of conservatives on this issue. 

STRONG SOLID AND COMMITTED REPUBLICAN COLIN POWELL has come out for Chuck Hagel, saying he is "superbly qualified."   Powell says the Republican Party must change because of demographics.  The GOP has "a dark vein of intolerance."  Tell you what, we'll trade Powell to the Democrats in exchange for...for...for  The hell with it.  Just take him.

KARL ROVE correctly points out that the debt Obama says Congress ran and now mus pay for was championed by Obama and he signed all the bills.  If Obama was a Batman villain, he'd be Two-Face. 

ROBERT T. GARRETT in the Dallas Morning News:  talk of tax cuts in Texas are fantasy.

BULLETIN:   Leonard PItts, a BLACK writer for the Miami Herald ADMITS to marrying his children's mother.  IT gets worse.  He's listened to WHITE bands and recording artists.  He reads book -- some of which do NOT have black themes.  Like RGIII, he is admitting to being a Cornball Brother.  Pitts may be a lib, but this column is right on.

NRA President:  There will be no assault weapons ban.   Larry Pratt on FOX NEWS SUNDAY says background checks should not be the focus of gun legislation - it should be arming people who are otherwise defenseless

"ARGO" won the Golden Globe award -- NEVER HEARD OF IT.  I thought "LINCOLN" was going to win everythingHuma was on hand.

Logic Minute 1-14-13

It may be an inconvenient truth, but the country is going to have to address our spending binge one of these days – why not now?

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