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Logic Minute

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SHOCK: Luis Gutierrez says Congressmen out to save own hides

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 7/29/14


Luis Gutierrez is a single-issue congressman from Illinois.  He wants that border opened up to Hispanic immigrants – no questions asked.

THURSDAY 10/18/12 Show Prep

BENGHAZI-GATE top story, but is it affecting the race?  Remember, Watergate was in full bloom when Richard Nixon was reelected.  The President's contention that he called the attacks "an act of terror" in the Rose Garden on the day after flies in the face of nearly 2 weeks of strong denials on TV and at the UN. 

MEGYN KELLY has focus group on FOX News to talk bout CANDY CROWLEY -- group comprised of political insiders gets testy.  On MSNBC Morning Joe, Sen. John Kerry (who plays the role of Romney in debate prep) accuses Romney of being a fraud.  POLLS are skewing for Romney with less than 3 weeks to go -- KARL ROVE says the winds are blowing in Romney's favor.  BUT THIS RACE IS STILL UP FOR GRABS!  Will Romney score at the next debate on Monday night?

NEWSWEEK:  Dec. 31 last print issue -- all digital after that, aimed at e-tablet use.

GUEST @ 10:30Terry Bettis.  The book is "Turning Points - How Deception Steals Freedom."

Obama narrative damaged again.  Would-be terrorist tries to blow up the NY Fed.  TEXAS AG to defend cheerleaders who write Bible verses on football posters.  

Logic Minute 10-18-16
The President has changed his stump speech.  Mr. Obama has routinely told adoring crowds that bin Laden is dead and that al Qaeda is on the run.
Logic Minute 10-17-16
The second presidential debate may have been a draw – but to get there, President Obama needed some help from moderator Candy Crowley.
TUESDAY 10/16/12 Show Prep

DEBATE NIGHT:  THE BIG STORY IS THE BENGHAZI COVERUP.  The administration's lies continue as Obama and Biden double down on the Big Lie that the embassy was attacked because of a video -- just HAPPENED to be on 9/11.  But tonight's debate is a TOWN HALL -- so the questions come from a selected audience and are screened. 

DEBATE HOST for tonight is CNN's Candy Crowley. Both camps are wary of her as she has made comments that "I will not be a fly on the wall."  She may attempt to control the questions from the audience.  Remember, he one said the Romney-Ryan ticket is a GOP "death wish."  Totally biased liberal -- but note that there is never a mention of a FOX journalist (think Shepard Smith or Bret Baier) as a debate host.

HILLARY CLINTON takes blame for Benghazi -- New York Times pitches in -- Dems hope to get past the election and everyone will forget.  WAS A DEAL MADE?  Is Hillary helping to gain Obama's support for her presidential run?   FOX commentators Krauthammer and Hume both say it's all a lie and the administration somehow thinks it can get away with it.

MICHELLE OBAMA to Washington DC hip-hop radio station:  Economy under Barack is booming.  

AUSTIN:  Local high school drop "DIXIE" but another continues using it as a fight song.   Both teams are "Rebels" -- but that may not last long. Political correctness run rampant yet again.  ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN TEXAS who pay in-0state rate are eligible for aid.  Battle shaping up between Legislature and Governor Perry (Lege:  No heart.  Perry:  Heart.)

MACK BROWN:  No thought of retiring.  Maybe HE isn't thinking about it, but UT fans are. We lost Will Muschamp to Florida and he;s got the Gators playing over their heads.  U of Texas has the best high school talent in the land and still can;t make a decent tackle.

Logic Minute 10-15-16
Going into the second presidential debate, Barack Obama is fully inoculated against the scandal involving the Libyan consulate.
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