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Rosemary Lehmberg will be the focus of Rick Perry’s trial

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 8/20/14


The Travis County District Attorney has never been known beyond Texas, and not much beyond the Austin area.  But that is changing. 

WEDNESDAY 10/31/12 Show Prep

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  (But if you dress up as Obama are you a racist?)  Seriously, Cal Thomas has a wonderful column showing that no matter what Republican do or say, they are labeled as racists while Democrats can get away with actual racism and emerge unscathed.  Meanwhile, MSNBC uses an entire network to paint conservatives as racists on a daily basis. 

EAST COAST SURVEYS DAMAGE -- CHRIS CHRISTIE PRAISES OBAMA -- acts like Obama calmed the storm. Christie proves that politicians are out for their own benefit -- hedge hits bets in a blue state -- provides photo-ops to make BHO look presidential.   

MSNBC'S CHRIS MATTHEWS on people who dispute Global Warming:  "Back in the day we called such people 'PIGS.'"  SETH BORENSTEIN, the AP's Global Warming nutcase, writes story:  Scientists wonder if whether Global Warming Played role."  NOTE:  Deep in the column, a Texas A&M "climate scientist" says it did not.

BHO/WMR neck-and-neck as race tightens -- Romney forcing Obama to defend his turf in Democratic strongholds as more and more people abandon Obama's tax-and-spend disaster.   CBS/NYT poll on Obama's handing of Benghazi38% approve --- 51% disapprove.  WHERE DO YOU FIND 38% that believe Obama's constant lying about the attacks constitute good handling of this crisis?  For God's sake, 4 people are dead, and we sent no help.  W. B. Travis (if he were here) could relate

FLORIDA:  Ballot trickery underway.  Big time.  I wonder which side is engaging in it?  But we know that, don't we?  EZRA KLEIN:  "Romney's VOODOO spending cuts."  (Democrats really are freaking out.)  EUGENE ROBINSON:  "How Romney would pay for Sandy (Or not)".  (More evidence -- Dems are unhinged.)

STAR WARS NOW A DISNEY PROPERTY.  That means generations of cheesy Star Wars sequels.  But Mark Hamill is aging.  Maybe Justin Beiber can play Luke Skywalker!  I was a Star Wars fan, but the second trilogy left me cold.  (Remember Jar Jar Binks?)  Time to give it a rest.  I think Star Trek has aged better than Star Wars.  Right now, I'm more worried about the "MAN OF STEEL" and how they will mess up Superman.  I just bought a comic book called "Frickin' Butt-Kickin' Zombie Ants."  Can't wait to read it.  It may be the new Justice League.  (Satire alert.)  :)

BILLBOARD in South Dallas: "Martin Luther King, Jr was a Republican."  King family, says no he wasn't.  Wasn't affiliated with a political party.

Logic Minute 10-31-12
Suppose there was a major event – and President Obama did what he should do – as he should do it.  Would that get coverage in the media?  Of course.
TUESDAY 10/30/12 Show Prep

SANDY SLAMS EAST  COAST -- Lynn Woolley Show broadcasting through Dallas today rather than New York. 

More than 16 dead.  Crane damaged and dangling.  Election disrupted.

SCHOOLS IN TEXAS:   Districts try to force taxpayers to ante up billions more -- where will we get the money?  People are hurting -- and the Obamacare taxes haven't kick in yet.  ARE WE ABOUT TO LIVE IN A SOCIETY WHERE GOVERNMENT TAKES ALL WE HAVE AND DISTRIBUTES IT?  Isn't that called Communism?  There are simple fixes to the school funding problem, but they are not politically correct.

BENGHAZIGATE:  Kirsten Powers, liberal commentator on FOX News:  "We're the only ones talking about it."   Krauthammer:  Obama can look presidential regarding Sandy-- but has not been presidential with regard to Benghazi.

WELCOME KTEM listeners in our 8 o'clock hour.  KTEM now carrying all 3 show hours!

Logic Minute 10-30-12
Now we know what more than 600 Texas school districts want from the taxpayers.  They want an additional $8 point 7 billion per year in funding.
Logic Minute 10-29-12
If NBC and ABC are trying to protect the President over the Benghazi cover-up, CBS went the other direction on Sunday.  Bob Schieffer interviewed Senator John McCain on “Face the Nation,” and McCain unloaded.
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