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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

CVS Health steps up fight against tobacco

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 10/27/14


While shopping at Walgreens, I asked the checkout clerk if her employer is considering stopping tobacco sales as CVS has done.  She looked at me as if I were crazy.

Logic Minute 12-4-12

Major Nidal Malik Hasan continues to make a mockery of U.S. Military Justice – but only because our politically correct system lets him. 

MONDAY 12-3-12 Show Prep

BOEHNER: AN UNSERIOUS OFFERSpeakers goes on FOX NEWS SUNDAY to say that Obama's Fiscal Cliff offer is unreasonableOBAMA toughens stance -- sees election as mandate for higher taxes and continue spending.  MEANWHILE...Eurozone seeing set -- how to keep Greece from defaulting is top agenda item.  QUESTION:  We can plainly see what Obama-style spending/taxing has done to Europe.  Why does the Democrat Party insist on a path to destruction?

STATES -- including Texas -- RESIST OBAMA MEDICARE EXPANSION.  Cost-weary state opting out.  Methodist Church in Dallas holds petition rally (in English AND Spanish) to force Governor Perry to opt in.   But they put forth no ideas on how to pay for it.  Did we mention Greece is going down? 

In wake of Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher murdering his girlfriend (with whom he had had an out-of-wedlock child -- now an orphan) and killing himself, NBC's Bob Costas goes on anti-gun rant. But does Bob want to ban tire tools?  Tire tools are amazingly efficient murder weapons. As are knives, crow bars, two-by-fours, scissors, baseball bats, rat poison -- even automobiles.  Ban 'em!

KANSAS CITY:  3-day congress of young illegal immigrants wraps up --and demands that all 11 million illegals in the US be granted legal status, and presumably be put on a path to citizenship. This seems to BeLogical like citizens of other countries meddling in our internal affairs.  Deport them.

RACE AND RICE.  Democrats double down on accusations that Republican dislike Susan Rice because she is female and black. They succeeded with the preposterous notion that government should force all institutions to provide free contraceptives for women -- and that may have won the election for them.  So they're trying a similar tactic hereTHE IDEA IS TO DEFLECT THE SUBJECT FROM BENGHAZI -- a story the mainstream media has shown little to no interest in.

Logic Minute 12-3-12

With the Fiscal Cliff looming, let’s take a look at the major drivers of our problem.  First is uncontrolled government spending and the entitlement state.  But there are three inflationary pressures in the private sector that are essentially wrecking our country.

FRIDAY 11/30/12 Show Prep


Liberal spending policies and entitlements got us hereLet the Spend-o-crats fix it.  It is time for the GOP to say SPENDING CUTS FIRST and we'll look at raising taxes when the arctic finishes meltingRemember, folks, Congress CREATED the Fiscal Cliff -- IT ISN'T REALHurricane Sandy was real.  This crap we have now is government-induced.

KRAUTHAMMERObama asking GOP for unconditional surrender.   Like Rush, he suggests that Republicans walk away from Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  Meanwhile Romney has an inconsequential lunch with ObamaMICHAEL GERSON:  America entering new period of austerity that will require extraordinary leaders. 

Where are we going to get extraordinary leaders?  We've just reelected Obama.  Do we look for the worst possible people -- think BHO, Durbin, Schumer, Pelosi, Reid -- and elect them just to see what they will do?

NEW YORK TIMES DOES ANALYSIS SHOWING THAT TAXES ARE THE LOWEST in 30 years.  The NYT says poor hit hardest by low taxes.  Oh, so?   HOW ABOUT A NYT ANALYSIS OF SPENDING?  We'll never get that!

WHO ARE OUR FRIENDS?  UNITED NATIONS votes to upgrade "Palestine" to a "state."  Canada voted "no" along with the US and IsraelFrance, Spain and Italy voted for the terrorists.  NOW WHAT?  How about some de-funding of certain foreign aid and the United NationsISLAMISTS in EGYPT rush to ram through new constitutionGOHMERTOnly way to explain this administrations' policies toward Middle East is that they are being advised by Muslim Brotherhood.

Logic Minute 11-30-12

President Obama’s idea on the Fiscal Cliff is to tax now – and worry about spending cuts later.

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