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Logic Minute

Logic Minutes You May Have Missed

Lindsay Graham: House Intel report on Benghazi is “garbage”

I’m Lynn Woolley with your Logic Minute for 11/25/14


To say Senator Lindsay Graham is not happy with his colleague Senator Mike Rogers would be an understatement.

MONDAY 12-17-12 Show Prep

THERE ARE 250 million guns in circulation in the US.  THE ONLY WAY TO STOP ALL GUN VIOLENCE IS TO CONFISCATE EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Obama, Emmanuel, Bloomberg -- all want more gun laws.  WE ALREADY HAVE GUN LAWS.  THINK!  What characteristic do all these shots (except the jihadist Nidal Hasan) have in common?  Charles Whitman, the guy who shot up Congresswoman Gifford -- most of them are mentally ill

IT IS HARD TO DO A RADIO SHOW TODAY.  I don't want to talk about the shooter.  I want to remember the children and the teachers.  But we also have to fight back against progressives who want to take us in the direction of countries that stand defenseless before their dictators.  

MERGER OF SCOTT & WHITE AND BAYLOR HEALTH system is a major setback for personal, compassionate care.  Both systems are gigantic.  now we will have a monstrosity.  I know why they did it .  Obamacare has them scared.  It has me scared too.  I already miss the personal healthcare I got just 5 years ago.  That seems so long ago now -- when we could buy reasonably priced insurance and see our doctors when we need them. 

GUEST:  ALICE LINAHAN of "Voices Empower" at 8:30 -- to talk about the Tea Party movement and its opposition to Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

BOEHNER caves on tax rates for millionaires while offering to delay the Fiscal Cliff for a year.  This would put Republicans in a bad position to deal. That's called "kicking the can."  Let's solve it now.

Logic Minute 12-17-12
In the wake of the Sandy Hook school slaughter, President Obama addressed the nation promising to use “whatever power” he has to protect the children.  The President means he will take up the issue of gun control.
Empower Our Schools to Protect Our Children

By Lynn Woolley

December 16, 2012


Go ahead.  Let’s have hearings on gun control in the wake of the senseless murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  And you know what we’ll find out if we’re honest?  That it was gun control that prevented teachers and a heroic principal from being able to protect these beautiful children.

It's now Baylor-Scott & White
Scott & White merging with Baylor Healthcare of Dallas.  I wonder what the effect will be?  Will jobs be lost?  Will Scott & White still be a major economic engine for Central Texas?  This is an obvious reaction to Obamacare,  I hope S&W knows what it's doing.
FRIDAY 12/14/12 Show Prep


1.  U.S. REP. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia) - apologizes for using term "midget."  Talks about the "little people."  And talks and talks.

2.  Rob Parker (ESPN:  RGIII is a "cornball brother."  he might even be a REPUBLICAN!

3.  Harry Belafonte (washed up singer) says Obama should be a 3rd world dictator and imprison those who dissent.

Looks like we get another dose of John F. Kerry (Senator Ketchup) now that Susan Rice has pulled out of the SecState appointment sweepstakes.  Good!  Let's talk about Swift Boats and Vietnam and Kerry medals and hooking people's genital up to telephone wires and all the wonderful things he claimed when he was protesting the war! 

OBAMA and BOEHNER get nowhere. Meanwhile, business leaders are more worried about a FISCAL REGULATIONS CLIFF that may kill business even more that the regular Fiscal Cliff.  UNIONS still on the warpath in Michigan - meanwhile Texas, a right-to-work state will see continued job growth in 2013 according to new reports.

CSCOPE is teaching Texas students that Allah is the Almighty God and that members of the Boston Tea Party were terrorists.  This computer program is supported by State School Board member Thomas Ratliff.  PFLUGERVILLE  Schools -- near Austin -- vote to pay domestic partner benefits so that the family can be further marginalized and the schools will be in even more trouble.
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