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Logic Minute 7-13-12
As a radio host, I make it a point to rarely endorse candidates.  But “rarely” doesn’t mean “never” and I have become increasingly frustrated with the dishonest campaign of Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.
This is, of course in the race for U.S. Senate that Dewhurst is running against Ted Cruz.  Already, I’ve been angry that Texas doesn’t have a Sanctuary City law – and wondering if well-placed calls by contributors are the reason.  Remember, David Dewhurst has the ability to kill a bill in the Senate.  But then there’s this constant drumbeat in Dewhurst ads about Cruz’s law firm representing a Chinese businessman.  Is that the best reason to vote for Dewhurst? And then Dewhurst blasts Cruz for Washington connections – then goes to DC himself for a big fundraiser with lobbyists.  Dewhurst is getting bad advice from his handlers – and it makes me wonder what other bad advice he might take.


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